If you are thinking of starting a blog or website, research a little (or a lot) and find out what you are getting yourself into.
I did not do this.
One day in May 2014 I just decided I was going to make a blog for our trips.  Somewhere family and friends could take a look if they wondered where we were, and what we were doing, (if they were interested), and I proceeded somehow to do just that.
My son John had made the suggestion a few months earlier. At the time I told him I would not know where to start.  
As the months went by that little voice in the back of my head began saying “hum, maybe you could do that”.  You don’t have a voice in the back of your head?  Oh my, maybe that was my problem!
I did get it started, and then it grew, and grew some more! My original intent was to begin with our New Zealand and Australia trips in 2013 and then see how it went.  And here we are now.
I did not have a clue, and then my pictures would no longer load.
Where in the world did I discover I had this humongous problem ? How about at sea, at the very end of the world, cruising  around Cape Horn and to the Southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, Chile.  How is that for remote?
I considered just throwing my laptop off the balcony, but that would have gotten us thrown off the ship, and it was snowing.
The timing really could have been a bit better. But it is what it is, so now I know what I should have been doing all along. The folks at DreamPress helped me out and I was once again able to load pictures.
You do not want images that are like they come out of your digital camera. You want compressed images, very compressed images, that will not bog your website down. 
I have been beating my head on my laptop. Compressed images, compressed images, compressed images, you get the idea.
So bottom line, learn from my errors and do it right the first time.
I may build another blog this summer, and do it right this time.  
Did that!   Check it out-  Jeannietx22.com
I may even take a class. No probably not.
Something that was very cool about the process is that I was able to relive every trip along the way. That was so good!
So hey, give it a try! You never know what you may come up with.
But whatever you do, also do it with joy!!