Germany 2008


©2014 Jeannie Wehrman


The Wehrmann-Blume Hotel



A very pretty home and garden

One of the most memorable experiences- Meeting Ulla Luther, the wife of Peter Luther, the Bronze medalist in the 1984 Olympics in equestrian, and the tour she gave us of their horse (and rider) training farm. She introduced us to all of the horses that were not traveling. She even invited us into their home and showed us the medals. How many people would do that when two strangers pull into the driveway to turn around. She is a lovely lady.


Jim and one of The Luther’s horses.

DSC01479Stall Luther website

A Luther horse with the veterinarian.


Getting friendly with a Luther horse.


In Kiel, Jim learning he’s going to China.


A pretty lake near Kiel.


On the way to Kiel.

We traveled in Germany by car to small towns in the Northern area. We were visiting towns where Jim’s parents’ families were from. The areas we were in were very pretty, very green, and lots of farms and horses. We plan to visit Germany again in 2015.